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Our properties for sale and for rent, near the villages

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In Tignes, village life will enchant you !

Arriving in Tignes, whether for a long or a short stay, is an experience which awakens the senses and allows you to enjoy unique experiences, completely out of the ordinary. Each of the four villages making up the resort invite you on a journey to enjoy your free time and forge some unforgettable memories, whether gourmet, festive, fun-filled, with family or friends. Here, the village is the beating heart of Tignes. With Tignes - Sotheby’s International Realty, give your stays an unrivalled dimension, perfectly in tune with your love of local authenticity.
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The proximity of villages whatever the season

The proximity of villages whatever the season

Tignes is far from just an exceptional resort dedicated to enjoying the outdoor life in any season. Here, there is are multiple villages, offering guests unrivalled experiences whether in Les Brévières at an altitude of 1,550m, or the village of Les Boisses at an altitude of 1,800 m ideal for families; Tignes le Lac at an altitude of 2,100 m, the epicentre of the resort, and also Val Claret (2,300 m) with its festive atmosphere. For food lovers, come and celebrate your latest achievement on the slopes in any of the chic restaurants serving up seasonal flavours, or the tiny bistros just as authentic as they are cosy. Around a local speciality or classic mountain cuisine, fully immerse yourself in the Savoy mountain spirit. At the foot of the slopes, village life is bustling. The many wine bars play host to a band performing each evening. Or do you prefer outdoor festivals, getting together with fellow mountain lovers or taking in a film? Perhaps even relaxing in a Multimedia room with the whole family. From classic board games to computers to enjoy a wide range of online games, the choice is vast. Here, village life is just like the mountains: free, colourful, full of variety and magical.
Tignes offers local living full of peace and tranquillity in total harmony with the authentic spirit of traditional villages. With a touch of modern life!