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14 Luxury

The traditional chalet spirit

Do you love the warming comfort of a chalet, with its aged wood, exposed stonework and the friendly feel they guarantee? All of the properties here at Tignes - Sotheby’s International Realty provide the ideal response to your desire for the traditional chalet experience. Whether you are buying a home or as an investment, each of our exceptional properties allows you to delve deep into the history of Tignes, and ensures you make the very most of the quintessential resort experience. Overlooking the mountain tops, directly at the foot of the slopes or in the beating heart of the resort, become an owner of a fragment of history and authenticity.

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Chalets bringing magic to the mountains

Chalets bringing magic to the mountains

What could be more fascinating than arriving in your chalet, lighting a fire, hearing the gentle creak of an oak floorboard beneath your feet, admiring the view of the sun as it sets each evening, embracing the grandeur of the summits and listening to the enchanting sounds of nature in Tignes.

First and foremost, a chalet is a refuge. A place where you snuggle up and unwind with the feeling of melting into a unique environment, living in resonance with the outside and the elements. A chalet is, also, a universe bursting with simple pleasures, where luxury living is far from ostentatious. In Tignes, this lies in the materials, the weather which shapes and matures the shade of the wood, the gentle way of life and the slow beat of the passing seasons. In the comfort of your chalet, however long your stay, you can enjoy a unique way of life, far from the noise and yet, so close to the hustle and bustle of the resort.